Canadian Folk Music Awards


Wow, what a weekend in Ottawa for the Canadian Folk Music Awards.  I was genuinely shocked to win both Songwriter of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year.  To be nominated amongst so many great artists and songwriters was an honour on its own, and anyone who was at the awards knows I was completely speechless to win.  Big congrats to all who were nominated and a huge thank you to The Canadian Folk Music Awards for putting together a fantastic weekend.  

Keep Your Head Down Video

Here is the first single from my upcoming album "Huntsville".  

I wrote this song in a state of mental exhaustion from a few years of touring and playing anywhere/everywhere I could and "paying my dues" as they say. I'm still paying them, but I think now I have a better sense of what things are worth. This song is about how being a diy artist can start to fuck with your head.

Instead of doing a big budget music video (which I would like to do someday), I decided to do it myself. These are a compilation of iPhone videos from the last year on the road, mixed in with some studio shots from the "making of" Huntsville.

Hope ya dig it. Keep yer head down.